So today it’s the 12th night after Christmas and it’s time to say goodbye to your lovely Christmas tree and decorations.

when should you take down your Christmas tree
CREDIT: Pixababy

It’s the 5th of January and it’s customary to take down the crimbo decs and dump the Christmas tree – or put it in the loft for another year. Some think that you should wait until the 6th when it’s the Epiphany.

So what happens if you don’t take down your Christmas decorations, well, apparently some believe a year of terrible luck will be visited upon you and your household if you don’t take your tree down on the 12th night after Christmas, but we think it’s more about making room for all those Valentine’s presents.

Did you know the Christmas tree is actually a Pagan Christmas origin according to Anthony Simpson a Pagan writer here at THEGAYUK, they saw evergreen as symbolic of the eternal cycles of nature: birth, life, death and re-birth. The re-birth always being seen as a result of the sun’s return. There are actually five things that the Pagans introduced which are now considered Christmas traditions.