So long, farewell.

It’s got to be said we’re not particularly saddened by the news that James Arthur has been dropped by label Syco.
Last year Arthur’s career took a down turn after a homophobic rap was released.
He failed to impress X Factor audiences with his apology, after releasing a ‘diss rap’ to an unknown troll on Twitter – which used anti-gay language.
According to The Sun On Sunday, the Impossible singer’s last Mix Tape was the last straw for the SonyBMG owned label. A source close to the label said:

‘He’s blown it now. James was given a lot of special treatment that no other artist signed to a record label like Syco would get.

‘It’s a very sad and messy way for this to all end.’

Recently Simon Cowell hit out at Arthur saying he should have just shut up. A few weeks later the former X Factor winner was owned by Paul Potts, after he chastised his PR people for promoting him in the wrong way.

We’d like to say we reached out to JA’s PR for comment, but really don’t care enough to ask.

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However TheGayUK’s editor in chief, Jake Hook said:

‘Hopefully this is the last time we’ll hear about James Arthur. I find him deeply disingenuous and his behaviour insulting. Not just to the LGBT community, but to anyone who has ever bought into X Factor. It’s because of their votes – and their hard earned money that made him the winner.’

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