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  • James Arthur to resign with Simon’s label?

    James Arthur to resign with Simon’s label?

    Has James Arthur resigned to Simon Cowell’s label? It’s been two years since James Arthur was dropped from Simon Cowell’s label following a number of issues which led to a career nose-dive however with his current single “Say You Won’t Let Go” doing so well it looks as though a reunion with Cowell’s label could […]

  • COMMENT | Why We Need To Lay Off James Arthur

    Scrolling through my Twitter and Facebook timelines earlier this week I kept seeing the same thing over and over again on the various LGBT-related pages I follow; hate comments aimed at James Arthur for daring to want to put right his wrongs. How dare he do such a thing! Last year James Arthur caused a […]

  • James Arthur Wants To Rebrand As Gloria

    X Factor Winner admits to terrible ‘stigma’ attached to his name and suggests a name change to Gloria. Not a lot surprises us a TGUK Towers but this is left of field. Disgraced X Factor winner James Arthur wants to rebrand as – Gloria. Taking to Twitter, the Impossible singer said, ‘Id like to start […]

  • James Arthur Dumped By Record Label

    So long, farewell. It’s got to be said we’re not particularly saddened by the news that James Arthur has been dropped by label Syco. Last year Arthur’s career took a down turn after a homophobic rap was released. He failed to impress X Factor audiences with his apology, after releasing a ‘diss rap’ to an […]

  • James Arthur Owned By Paul Potts

    It seems as though James Arthur doesn’t want a career anymore after lambasting his Promo team. The guy seriously doesn’t know when to shut up – just like Simon Cowell suggested last week. The disgraced former X Factor winner’s career has gone from bad to worse and it seems as though time might be ticking […]

  • COWELL: James Arthur Should Have Shut Up

    Simon Cowell has his claws out for past winners, Sam and James Arthur So it’s been announced that Simon Cowell and Cheryl will be returning to XFactor this year and Mr Cowell is wasting no time reminding people why they love him in the first place. He’s a complete bitch! Well done that man. First […]

  • JAMES ARTHUR: ‘I’m Not A Homophobe Anymore’ – Forgive and Forget?

    I think we’ll be the judge of that James Arthur… Are we ready to forgive and forget? Disgraced former X Factor Winner James Arthur speaking at a gig, hopes his new single will be picked up by radio after the last single performed terribly, reaching number 19. Arthur hit the headlines last year after releasing […]

  • Miley And James Arthur – The Music The UK Doesn’t Want To Hear On New Year’s Eve

    It’s been a tough year for James Arthur, but to add insult to injury James Arthur’s Impossible is one of the songs that UK party goers do not want to hear this New Year’s Eve.  2013 will be the year James Arthur will be keen to forget! In a survey by the free music streaming […]

  • OPINION: Why We Should Focus on Real Issues, Not Gossip and Bandwagons

    Something has been building up inside me recently and it came to a head this week. The moment that Tom Daley made the revelation that he is in a relationship with another man I could foresee that the press and gossips would go into overdrive. That’s exactly what has happened and it doesn’t half bug […]

  • NEWS: James Arthur Misses The Mark With “Gay” Apology

    Stunned members of the gay community took to Twitter to complain about the lack of ‘sincerity’ of James Arthur’s apology for his recent homophobic slur. Hundreds of people took to Twitter during James Arthur’s attempt at rehabilitation of his career and the launch of his new single Recovery after a shocking couple of weeks. Enraged […]

  • NEWS: Will James Arthur appear on X-Factor this weekend?

    Thousands of people have signed an online petition to have the previous X-Factor winner James Arthur banned from singing his new single on World AIDS Day. It’s still unclear, as momentum grows, if James Arthur will or will not appear on the show. It seems thousands of people are still not happy with the singers […]