Global star James Blunt has described how two gay people gave him the strength to release his debut multi-million selling single ‘You’re Beautiful’.

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“I’m a lucky man”, James Blunt said at the annual event, An Evening With Women in Los Angeles, as he revealed that hit song writer Linda Perry was the driving force behind his success when she signed him to her brand new label Custard Records in 2003.

Speaking to GayStarNews, Blunt said,

“She was the person who plucked me out of the UK and has given me a career. For me to come play here is an absolute pleasure and a huge honor.”


Linda Perry

Speaking about early conversations regarding his accent, Blunt revealed that before he teamed up with Perry, he was asked to change the way he spoke – and that he struggled to get signed because of his voice.

“I was asked if i could change my speaking voice and my accent and I struggled to get signed in the UK because of that accent. I moved to America and a woman who is gay herself and had seen much harder prejudice didn’t give stuff about a speaking voice. She heard music instead and said, ‘Come on.’ She put her arms around me, signed me and has given me a chance.”

After he signed to Perry’s label, Sir Elton John stepped in and signed the former Army Captain to his management company. Blunt has since gone on to sell over 20 million albums and 20 million singles – thanks to the faith that Perry and John placed in him.


The 42-year-old singer continued,

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“The people who picked me up and looked after me have been from the LGBT community,

“Really without them I wouldn’t be in the music business. If it’s a strange coincidence then it’s a coincidence I’ll take but I don’t think it is.”

Revealing his admiration for the LGBT+ community Blunt said,

“It’s a group of people who have to overcome a lot of prejudice, great adversity in different ways and they need support and need to support each other.”

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