Mr Nasty took a swipe at Gemma Collins and he didn’t hold back

Living up to his “Mr Nasty” credentials, Dancing On Ice judge Jason Gardiner seemed to slam Gemma Collins for being “mediocre” and described her performance on the ITV show last week as “painful”.

Speaking to The Sun the Aussie theatre producer said, “When I grew up people were bl**dy good at what they did. They were exceptional at something, so you were inspired by people on TV.

“Now we celebrate mediocre in this country. That, it seems, has become the new celebrity.”

He also admitted that he had never seen The Only Way Is Essex, saying that he was “too busy” and that life was “too short” and so he had no idea who the GC was.

He says he was at first excited to see her performance with Gemma’s own self declared hype, saying, “I had heard the hype from her own mouth, how amazing she is and how she’s better than Beyonce.

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“I thought, ‘Wow, wonderful, I can’t wait’, I’ve never had anyone that confident on the show at week one”

Paying particular attention to last week’s routine, where Gemma Collins was dressed from head to toe in Gold he described her routine as painful and “uncomfortable” he said,

“I was so excited. But then she came out and did what can only be described as one of the most painful routines I’ve ever had to sit through because it looked so uncomfortable.”

Oooh errr.

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Dancing On Ice returns tonight on ITV 1


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