Jeremy Jackson Naked Pictures Emerge

9th January 2015 0 By News Desk

Once upon a time Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy Jackson actually starred in a little known gay drama called DTLA.

f you’re not ofay with Logo TV’s programme DLTA, it looks at the relationships between eight friends with differing sexualities, creeds and colours. In this scene, Jeremy Jackson, who plays a character called Kevin, porks a girl and yes you can see peen – which naturally we’re very excited by. For those of you who like a bit of size, we can confirm that Jeremy seems to be packing a good sized love muscle.

Now, because we’re a respectable publication we’ve popped our logo infront of the bits and pieces, but you can see the NSFW uncensored pictures here.

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In our interview with the former Baywatch star, Jeremy said that he’d miss his pet pug the most whilst he’s in the house saying, “My mum rescues dogs so I have a couple of dogs with my Mum that are my best friends and I have a Pug at home. That’ll be the weirdest part, not having them in my life.’


When questioned abput his red trunks Jeremy quipped, “I wore them already. They demanded it. I may or may not have humped the camera lens. I may or may not have turned it into a G-string. I can’t remember!”