Day: 9 January 2015

  • FILM REVIEW | Foxcatcher

    ★★★★ | Foxcatcher John Eleuthère du Pont the spoilt heir to the vast Dupont chemical fortune was a dangerous paranoid psychopath who ended up destroying lives when he didn’t get his own way. The fact that he was also a deeply disturbed closeted homosexual is also very obvious in this new chilling true crime drama […]

  • Trans Drivers Blamed For Russian Road Accident Hike

    Officials in Russia are planning to ban transgender and transsexual drivers from owning or qualifying for a driving license, in a move to lower Russia’s death rate on the road. In a truly bizarre move, Russian officials have made an announcement that they are to tighten restrictions on who can apply or qualify for a […]

  • Moscow City Ballet’s Swan Lake – Sheffield Lyceum and National Tour

    ★★★ | Moscow City Ballet’s Swan Lake – Sheffield Lyceum and National Tour It is a tidal wave of tights, tutus and tiaras in this presentation of one of Tchaikovsky’s most famous ballets, performed in typical traditional style by the Moscow City Ballet. Telling the story of a Prince who finds his youth slipping away […]

  • Not Bieber Bulge… Justin Photoshopped For CK Model Shots?

    Bad news for all those JUSTIN BIEBER fans who drooled over the new photos this week of the boy in his CK pants. It turns out that maybe Justin Bieber is not quite as hot as we were led to believe as the folks at CK have appeared to have enhanced the photos to make […]

  • Did Bieber Had Pubic Hair Photoshopped On

    Now it has emerged that the former Popstar turned model Justin Bieber may have had pubic hair photoshopped on his body.

  • Michelle Visage Fell Out With Perez Because He Stopped Returning Her Emails

    It turns out Michelle Visage was a fan of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton until he gave her the cold shoulder. Camp vamp Michelle Visage hit out at Perez Hilton today because he started ignoring her emails. Michelle said that she was big supporter of Perez until he took a “dark turn” and got big headed. […]

  • REVIEW | Cirque du Soleil: Kooza at the Royal Albert Hall

    ★★★★ | Cirque du Soleil: Kooza at the Royal Albert Hall Founded in 1984, Cirque du Soleil has been around so long now that finding something fresh to come up with in each new show must be a major headache. That they succeed as well as they do is a tribute to their creative team, […]

  • Jeremy Jackson Naked Pictures Emerge

    Once upon a time Celebrity Big Brother star Jeremy Jackson actually starred in a little known gay drama called DTLA.

  • Going Down On Downton, Tom Cullen Naked

    If you were one of the many fans who were so jealous of Lady Mary when Lord Tom Gillingham suggested that she jumps into bed with him, then we think that you may like to re-watch the Weekend movie to find out that he was hardly a virgin. Actor Tom Cullen that is.   In […]