(C) CREDIT: Scott Alder

Joe McElderry continues to defy trolls who said he was getting fat by showing off his incredible body in a series of hot Speedo shots.

(C) CREDIT: Scott Alder

Former X Factor, Pop Star To Opera Star and Jump winner, Joe McElderry continues to show trolls who called him fat that he comitted to a rigirous training regime and keeping his body in tip tip condition.

In 2015, after an appearance on Lorraine, users of social media were quick to criticise the singer for looking as though he had piled on the pounds.

The singer, who is currently starring in Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat was seen in Weymouth jumping in the sea…with nothing on but a pair of very small swimmers.


In a reflective moment Joe remarked that he “felt at home with sea air.”





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This isn’t the first time he’s uploaded pictures of him in the sea, earlier in the year, Joe braved the icy cold sea in April as part of his fitness campaign.




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