Emerging fashion designer’s modern twist on dapper dickey bow design, favoured by former X Factor winner Joe McElderry.

DICKEYBOW Clothing is a new range of T-shirts and vests, each with its own simple but stylish dickey bow design. Incorporating clean, geometric shapes and fun, vibrant colours, there are several prints to choose from.

Designer Karl Dickey, 24, from Gateshead, came up with the concept last year and in December 2012, took the bold move of swapping the office for the catwalk, metaphorically speaking.

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His designs are a huge hit on the dance scene in Ibiza, where much of the promotional material was shot, and closer to home the dickey bow motif has already caught the eye of Diversity’s Sam Craske and aspiring boy band RAW.


Following a promising first eight months of business, Karl is struggling to cope with the demand for his designs:

“I started making all of the T-shirts and prints at home but as the orders came in, I soon had T-shirts and vests everywhere. I’ve teamed up with manufacturers and am now seeking larger premises. I’m so pleased with how the brand has taken off, if a little taken aback. I’ve had really good feedback so far and to have Sam from Diversity and the RAW lads wearing my work is great.”