FILM REVIEW | Leave It On The Floor

If, like me, you’re a sucker for a musical about voguing set in LA, with a mainly unknown cast and containing some catchy tunes you’ve never heard of – this is the movie for you!

The music is original, with the tittle track being one of the strongest – but wait till you hear the ode to JT, Justin’s Gonna Call… .made me smile! This film also wins the award for most original use of a bowling alley, and a fake pregnancy…. by a man…

It has laughs, drama, dancing, tight vests, jaunty hats and fierce Gaga-esque outfits…

Treat yourself – I defy you to not be tapping your toes at least to one or two of these little numbers. As with most musicals, its difficult to engage with the characters, they can seem quite superficial or two-dimensional, but that doesn’t stop this being a celebratory movie about being yourself and being, for want of a better line, born this way…

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The film is written by Glenn Gaylord, who also directed the movie “I Do“, which I’ll be reviewing nearer its DVD release date later this month.

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Available to buy / view on: Amazon | Amazon Prime | iTunes

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