After a mountain of physically demanding winter sports, Joe McElderry has lifted the gold in Channel 4’s The Jump.

With the Russian winter Olympics upon us it seemed a fitting time for C4 to throw celebrities into the world of winter sports. Joe McElderry competed against other celebrities such as Sinitta and Steve Redgrave to come out on top.

It seems these ‘mock’ Olympians were having a lot more fun together with Sinnitta tweeting: ‘@DonalMacIntyre one of my happiest moments- you,me + @joemcelderry91. Flying down the mountain laughing + screaming like kids!’

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Though like all competitive sports there are always some knocks as Joe McElderry tweeted: ‘Now its time to take my bruised legs up to the jump’, but despite the pain he still managed to win the show, ‘Wow wow wow what a night!!! Buzzzing!!!!!!!’