John Barrowman Gives Husband A Puppy

John Barrowman MBE, celebrity ambassador for the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, has sponsored an adorable cocker spaniel puppy called Merry as a gift for his husband, Scott, this Christmas.

John has supported the charity for many years, and recently went ‘deaf for the day’ to raise awareness of the challenges that deaf people encounter on a daily basis. Both John and Scott already have two dogs, a cocky Jack Russell called Captain Jack and an adorable Cocker Spaniel called Harris. John Barrowman commented:

“Scott and I love dogs. We’ve always had two or three in the family so when I had the opportunity to add one more to our brood, I couldn’t resist. I’ve sponsored a puppy called Merry for Scott this Christmas. Scott will get regular updates, lots of adorable photos, and the best part is that this Christmas present will be a gift that will change the life of a deaf person…

When I experienced going deaf for the day, I was anxious and isolated. When Merry grows up, she’ll not only help make a deaf person’s life safer, she’ll also bring them companionship. We’re going to have a very MERRY Christmas!”

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People is now asking the public to sponsor an adorable puppy as a gift for a loved one this Christmas, and help change the life of a deaf person.

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The public can also choose to sponsor John Barrowman’s puppy Merry, or Cockerpoo puppy Berry, from just £3 a month. Each supporter will receive a welcome pack which includes a certificate, gorgeous photos, and other exciting gifts, and sponsors donating £5 or more per month will also receive a cute and cuddly soft hearing dog toy.

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To find out more about sponsoring a puppy through their training, visit or call Hearing Dogs for Deaf People on 01844 348100.

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