Ever wondered how presenters keep up their energy on set during the long long hours on a reality TV show?

CREDIT: Jonathan Bennett/ Instagram
CREDIT: Jonathan Bennett/ Instagram

The job of a reality TV presenter is to look excited and interested – constantly… So how do they keep their energy levels up? It appears they turn it off immediately the camera shuts off. Cake Wars star Jonathan Bennett shared a clip on social media showing how when they film a ‘to camera’ ident for their show they are able to turn off the smiles as the director calls cut!

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Sharing a behind the scene clip with co-host Tamera Mowry, Jonathan Bennett demonstrates how they both turn the energy on the moment the camera starts rolling.



Also, not everything goes to plan! It also seems the Mean Girls actor is a bit of an ad-libber to boot, however, his co-star Tamera didn’t think his snow bake gag was up to scratch after jokingly called him a “fool”.

If you’ve not caught up with Cake Wars yet make sure you tune into ITV Be to catch up