Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban Has Left The Big Brother House.

Producers have confirmed that Jonathan Cheban has left the Big Brother house.

A spokesperson confirmed his exit by saying, “Jonathan Cheban has decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House. His exit will appear in tomorrow night’s show on Channel 5 at 9pm.”

The news comes just two days after Cheban had voiced his concerns about feeling comfortable in the house and suffering anxiety.

In 2012 Cheban had his sexuality questioned by Kim and then-husband Kris Humprhries.

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Kris Humphries suggested that Jonathan might not be straight, which caused Kim to take matters into her own hands and ask the question outright, “What is your preference? Girls, guys, what?”

Kim even had an entire episode of her reality show dedicated to the speculation about his sexuality, although notes that “We’ve never really gotten a solid answer.”

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