Judge Rinder excites fans with his surprisingly ripped chest

TV Judge, Robert Rinder surprised fans in last night’s episode of Strictly Come Dancing when he revealed his stunningly hot chest.

Judge Rinder who is currently starring on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing whipped up audience excitement when his costume allowed viewers to get a view of what’s usually beneath his judging robes.

The openly gay star of ITV’s Judge Rinder showed off his hot body as he danced showing off his rather impressive moves. The judge who is usually covered from head to toe certainly seemed to enjoy the chance to show off his abs.

The 39-year-old  TV star impressed so much that he and his dance partner received a standing ovation.

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In an earlier interview the Judge, who lives with his husband, Seth Cumming, revealed why he was taking part in this year’s show. He said,

“I’m a private secret dancer and I love to dance. The main reason is as my grandparents get older it’s a show they absolutely love. Although they’ve always been unconditionally proud of me I think there is something magical about being able to take part in something which gives them such joy and escapism especially as they suffer from all sorts of illnesses.”

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