This week we’ve learnt a lot. From Mary Berry to Judge Rinder… Here’s 6 things that got our readers talking. (now with added emjois)


? The Judge’s hot chest


Judge Rinder, who usually spends his TV time covered head to toe in his courtroom robes wowed fans with his surprisingly ripped torso. He also wowed the judges in his first dance of the competition on Strictly. We didn’t mind.


? Hollywood’s Homophobia

Ira Sachs surprised us by talking about homophobia in Hollywood – the worst of it is that gay men are apparently the culprits.



? Not following the breadcrumbs

Mary Berry shocked the internet when she announced that she wasn’t following Bake Off to it’s new home on Channel 4, leaving people to suspect that Channel 4 has basically bought a £75 million tent and Paul Hollywood.


? Out got Ousted.


The decision to profile Milo Yiannopoulos got the internet sort of mad. Flames and fury were aimed at US magazine Out, who even added an editorial to basically say … “He’s not us…”


? Ever wondered what a Vajazzle would look like on a guy?

Now you don’t have to wonder anymore – it’s actually called a PeJazzle and X Factor’s Ottavio was more than happy to share his with the world.

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? The internet melted when it thought that Robert Pattinson had come out as gay…

A spoof news site told the world that Twilight star Robert Pattinson had come out as gay and the ensuing dramz that followed was like the world was coming to an end. Not really. Most commentators seemed to say, “I knew it!”.  BTW he didn’t come out it was a “hilarious” ruse.


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