The nation’s favourite is officially Julian Clary who won 2012’s Celebrity Big Brother.

After 23 days in the Big Brother house Julian was crowned the winner with Coleen Nolan coming his well deserved runner up.

During his exit and winner’s interview with host Brian Dowling he spoke directly to the cameras, saying to the audience at home:

‘Thank you, you’ve made a fifty-three year old homosexual very happy.’

Julian also apologised for his subdued behaviour which may have been the opposite of what his fans expected.

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He revealed:

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‘I’m not very sociable really, it’s not a constant stream of double entendres but I did them when I could.


When asked what winning the show meant to him, he joked,

‘A shot in the arm, hopefully. ‘I’m going on tour very soon, that will be a constant stream of filth, I guarantee.’


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