Ray Quinn

Remember Ray Quinn from the XFACTOR – that boy is getting big!

Just look at those guns. Ray Quinn is taking working out to the next level.


The former recording artist and X FACTOR runner up to Leona Lewis is now spending time honing his body at the gym and is looking pretty darn hot.



In 2014 the star who is 5 ft 9,  dropped a whopping 2 stones.

He said,

“When I got the call from ITV asking me to take part in Dancing On Ice I knew I had to take action.

“I had 10-12 weeks to lose two stone, and I was so determined I reached my target in eight weeks.

The West End star swapped his favourite Chinese takeaways and cans of lager for healthy eating and regular gym visits. And the results are outstanding.

Cutting out potatoes, pasta and bread for a “Caveman Diet” high in protein and fresh veg the 25-year-old star dropped 28lbs in eight weeks.


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The 27-year-old, who now works in theatre,  is almost unrecognisable from his time in the XFACTOR in 2006.

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Talking about his transformation Ray said,

“I couldn’t get enough of pizza, chips, KFC or Chinese meals after each show. I’d like a drink or two, easily washing down six cans of lager a night. That’s a lot! It really bloated me out.”

On deciding to make a change Ray transformed his diet and is now reaping the results – showing off a defined six pack and muscular toned arms.

After his debut album, which sold over 300,000 copies in the UK,  Ray took an extended break, but has now put himself firmly back in the limelight.

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