Outspoken columnist and radio presenter Katie Hopkins has used her column to blast Russell T Davies’ adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream for the BBC.


Gay icon wannabe Katie Hopkins has used her Daily Mail column to blast Russell T Davies’ adaptation of A Midsummer Night’s Dream for the BBC. In his new adaptation the Queer As Folk creator has updated the story to include same-sex partners and a lesbian kiss.

The 90-minute film is due to air on the Bank Holiday weekend.

Russell T. Davies who also created the BAFTA nominated Cucumber for Channel 4, was commissioned by the BBC to give A Midsummer Night’s Dream a modern twist,

Speaking about his vision for the production Davies said,

“…It’s 2016; that’s the world now,

“Only idiots might have a problem with that.”

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Outlining what she assumes to be her pro-gay credentials first, Katie Hopkins said that she wanted her 7-year-old son to be gay – and often played Kylie to him “to show him the way”, but didn’t want the BBC to turn “everything into a politically correct lecture”, and warned that there are somethings you never mess with, Shakespeare being one of them.

She continued,

“Before the LGBT community start running for a safe space, be reassured I fully support the right of everyone to be whatever they like. Even if that is a man, dressed as a woman, who identifies as gender neutral but still fancies his mum.

“I have performed at Gay Porn Idol, and loved every sequinned minute. I do drag well.

“I hope my son will be gay. He can dance and is proud of his six-pack at seven, which I am taking as a positive sign. I play Kylie to him in the kitchen to show him the way. I hope one day when I am older, perhaps he will finally teach me how to dress with style.

She blasted the BBC saying that the corporation was “pursuing a left-wing liberal agenda”.

She continued,

“I don’t want Shakespeare queered-up so you feel more at home. And if you’ve got a problem with that, I couldn’t give a flying Puck.”