Katie Hopkins has been named the UK’s angriest person according to a poll.


What do Nigel Farage, Katie Hopkins and Jeremy Clarkson have in common? Well according to a recent poll they are the UK’s angriest people. Katie Hopkins is so angry that Sadiq Khan became London’s mayor she’s even vowed to run naked with a sausage up her bum.

To celebrate this week’s launch of The Angry Birds Movie (releasing May 13th), Peperami has commissioned a new poll which shows that punching your producer in the face is apparently not enough to secure the title as Britain’s angriest celebrity. TV personality Katie Hopkins has instead won this accolade.  Katie received one in five of the 2,000 votes cast (20%), although the vote was swung by women, a quarter of whom voted for her, while men narrowly favoured Jeremy Clarkson for the top spot.

More than a decade of firings on The Apprentice secured Lord Alan Sugar third place, while Dennis Skinner MP came in fourth, having recently been removed from the House of Commons following an unseemly jibe at the Prime Minister who, himself appears in ninth place in the national poll.

David Cameron is not, however, perceived to be the angriest of the party leaders, with Nigel Farage taking that title, appearing in sixth place with 8% of the vote. Nicola Sturgeon and Jeremy Corbyn fall outside the top ten in positions 14 and 16 respectively.

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Spokesperson for Peperami, The Animal, was enraged not to be featured in the top ten and said:

“Who is this woman anyway? You want to see angry? I’ll show you angry…”

The research revealed the top ten angriest celebrities and high profile individuals in Britain:

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1.       Katie Hopkins
2.       Jeremy Clarkson
3.       Lord Alan Sugar
4.       Dennis Skinner MP
5.       Jeremy Kyle
6.       Nigel Farage
7.       Simon Cowell
8.       Andy Murray
9.       David Cameron
10.   Janet Street-Porter

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