Katie Hopkins has written about how she wants her 7-year-old son to be gay and has revealed how she’s going to make it happen.


LBC radio presenter and columnist for the Daily Mail Katie Hopkins wants her 7-year-old son to be gay and writing in her column has revealed how she’s helping him to achieve it by playing Kylie to him whilst he dances.

Although she blasted the BBC for turning an adaptation of Midsummer Night’s Dream into a PC lecture, because writer Russell T. Davies had changed some of the characters into gay characters, she still said that she hopes her son, aged 7, would grow up to be gay.

In her column Katie managed to re-enforce several stereotypes about gay men, including listening to Kylie Minogue, being gym obsessed, and her hopes that one day he’d be able to “dress (her) with style”.

Speaking about her son, Katie wrote,

I hope my son will be gay.

He can dance and is proud of his six-pack at seven, which I am taking as a positive sign.

I play Kylie to him in the kitchen to show him the way. I hope one day when I am older, perhaps he will finally teach me how to dress with style.

Whether Katie Hopkins is a “gay icon” is a deeply contested issue in the gay community with many believing that she is – whilst others, disagree.

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Michelle Visage told TheGayUK earlier in the year that Katie could have had the chance to become an icon after her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother and her relationship with Perez Hilton made her a popular contestant on the show, but ruined it with her divisive views.

Recently Katie Hopkins likened her new look of shortened, cropped hair to Julian Clary.

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She had her hair cut after she underwent brain surgery to help with her epilepsy.

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