So this isn’t the first time that Katie Hopkins has been impounded in a house and filmed 24/7.

The Daily Star have dug and dug and have found out gay icon wannabe Katie Hopkins was once a guinea pig for the pilot of Big Brother in before the launch in 2000 and they even have a picture of her swigging cider and flashing her bare bum (oh the shame).

The voice of Big Brother Marcus Bentley confirmed the reports by tweeting, “Katy Hopkins was a guinea pig on the first ever Big Brother !”

Katie Hopkins has become a bit of favourite housemate in this year’s celebrity Big Brother with 14% of THEGAYUK readers wanting her to win. Nadia is currently the favourite to win. Vote who you want to win below.

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Yesterday celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, felt the wrath of Katie after questioning her decision to have sex with her now husband, who was married to another man. The pair got into a row which ultimately left Perez in tears.


Today it emerged that Ken Morley was removed from the BB compound after breaking BB’s rules and regulations. He is the second celebrity to be removed after Jeremy Jackson was booted on the 10th January.