Speaking with London Live, pop diva Kelly Clarkson admits playing at a gay London nightclub was her best gig… Ever.

  • Kelly Clarkson was the first ever winner of American Idol in 2002.
  • Once said, “I can’t support Romney’s policies as I have a lot of gay friends and I don’t think it’s fair they can’t get married.” when questioned about who she would vote for.
  • Has released 7 albums since 2002.

We love a bit of “Miss Independent” and it seems Kelly Clarkson loves us too. Speaking with the capital’s TV station, London Live.

During her interview, the American Idol winner said that G.A.Y in London, was the best gig she ever played!

“I loved it, it was so much fun and I love the intimacy of small theatres and you don’t get to do that a lot” she said about her G-A-Y experience.

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In fact, she loved the experience so much she tweeted it was the best audience, so did everyone go insane for the Stronger singer?

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“Ever. Like so insane. When I was singing my new song, they were singing every word, to the point where I was on stage and I was perplexed like ‘this is a new song, right?’ They were singing just as much as the other ones, they knew all the words and it was like a big giant jumping pit of awesome-ness.”

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