A year after Bangor’s only gay venue, The Three Crowns burnt down the new management of The White Lion hope to give the LGBT community a safe space in North Wales.

Gareth Cooper, Sian Williams and Dave Cartwright have turned the The White Lion pub in Bangor’s city centre into a space which will once again give the LGBT community a focus point after The Three Crowns was gutted by fire in 2014.


The Three Crowns  was closed when fire destroyed the pub last year.

Jason Robertshaw who lived above the pub was forced to jump over 20 feet to save his life and as a result received numerous serious injuries including multiple burns and a collapsed lung. Two other men, Jonathan Thompson and Daniel Chisholm, were also forced to jump from the burning building, neither of them, luckily, were seriously hurt.

Speaking to the Daily Post, one of the new owners, Gareth Cooper said,

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“I wanted somewhere were gays and lesbians felt they could hold hands again, kiss, feel the emotions that come naturally to any living person, where the whole LGBT community felt at home and comfortable.


The White Lion is open Wednesday to Sunday, 8.00PM to 1.00AM.

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