The hate crime officer for Sussex Police has told the UK’s largest supermarket that they should start using gender-neutral signage.

Sergeant Peter Allan from the Sussex Police force has hit out at Tesco on Twitter for using signs which suggest that Tampons are “feminine hygiene” products, calling their in store signs a #Fail. The force’s Trans equality advocate suggested that the retailer use the gender neutral “personal hygiene” for their signage instead.


The officer wrote,

Need to update. Especially with products 4 men on shelf. ‘Personal Hygiene’ perhaps…

“Should be gender neutral if mentioned at all.”

However, some people on Twitter did not take the proposal very well, with some suggesting that the officer had “lost the plot” and others suggesting that the force was being turned into a “laughing stock”.




Meanwhile, another user, who identifies as a “taser” cop in London slammed Peter Allan saying,

“He is not representative of the wider Police community. Most of us have common sense and don’t take issue with stupid nonsense! I despair.

“We are law enforcement – believe me when I say most aren’t as utterly ridiculous as this person is”.

Speaking to a Tesco spokesperson said,

shop dildos for gay sex

‘Everyone is welcome at Tesco. We regularly review the signs in our stores to make sure they meet the needs of customers.’ reached out to Sussex Police for comment.

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