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Perez Hilton: I’m afraid my kids will suffer because of who their dad is

“I’m sorry… I’m sorry again. I guess I have to say that more often”

Watch the emotional video by Perez Hilton as he breaks down over the hurt his kids may endure because of who he is and his past mistakes.


In a heartbreaking video to his fans, celebrity gossip, Perez Hilton opened up about how he was recently let go from a “life changing” job opportunity by the powers that be, because of who he is and his past actions.


Speaking candidly Perez spoke about how sometimes he feels he isn’t allowed to move from the person he once was – who gave celebs nasty nicknames and doodled inappropriate drawings on photos.


Without revealing what the job was, Perez sobbed as he said sorry and then feared for his kids’ future because of who he is and what he used to represent.


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