When will Drag Race UK season 2 start?
When will Drag Race UK season 2 start?

THEGAYUK.com conducted a flash poll to find out whether viewers of this year’s Drag Race UK thought it would be a good idea to expand the casting pool to include “Bio Queens” those drag queens who are biological females, non-binary and transgender drag queens and kings.

The debut season of the show saw the majority of queens, who were cast, identifying as part of the gay and bisexual male community. There were no out/open trans queens or bio queens.

Over 420 people took part in the poll, in which they were given a binary choice, “yes open it” and “no keep as is”

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46 per cent of those who answered the survey said that the casting pool should be opened up. The majority of people, (54%) said that the casting should stay as is.

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