A new report out today shows that those men and women living with HIV are taking out more life assurance as new policies soar by 140%.

However, the report also highlights that the average amount for which people are insuring themselves has decreased year-on-year to just £114,607.

In 2013 the amount that people were insuring themselves for £134,667 and £134,130 in 2012, showing a decrease of just over £20,000 a survey showed.


Chris Morgan, Marketing Manager of Unusual Risks, Mortgage & Insurance Services says,

‘It has come as a complete surprise that the average sum Assured of an HIV Life Assurance Policy has decreased over the last year to £114,607. However, at the same time over the last twelve months we have also seen a rapid increase in the number of people taking up HIV Life Assurance products.

‘We believe the volume of people taking HIV Life Assurance has increased by around 140% over the last two years, which seems to have had an effect on the average sum-assured being taken by policy holders. We are of course delighted to see that more people with HIV are protecting their homes, mortgages, families and children’.

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In last year’s HIV Life Assurance Survey it was established that 70% of Life Insurance providers now offer cover to people with HIV. However, the terms and premiums they offer vary wildly between different insurance companies. Those looking for HIV Life Assurance are urged to seek specialist advice before applying for insurance.

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