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Former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson doesn’t want people to think he’s in a relationship with former band mate HARRY  STYLES and has blocked anyone on his Instagram from using the term “LARRY” on his timeline.

Louis Tomlinson has gone all out to ensure the death of LARRY – Directioners’ coined name for the fan fiction relationship between Louis and Harry Styles. Louis is apparently so fed up with the insinuation that he and Harry have had a romantic situation that he’s blocked anyone using the name on his social media.

“Larry” was created after a number of One Direction fans started to create fiction in which Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson were in a sexual relationship. Some of it is pretty X RATED if you ask us.

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Doncaster born Louis however is in a relationship with actress Danielle Campbell and has a son called Freddy with Briana Jungwirth.

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Harry Styles spoke about how gender wasn’t important to him in relationship terms in an interview in 2014. The revelation sent the internet into overdrive about his sexuality.

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