James Arthur to resign with Simon’s label?

Has James Arthur resigned to Simon Cowell’s label?

James Arthur

It’s been two years since James Arthur was dropped from Simon Cowell’s label following a number of issues which led to a career nose-dive however with his current single “Say You Won’t Let Go” doing so well it looks as though a reunion with Cowell’s label could be on the table.

A source told The Sun,

“Over the last few years James has kept in touch with Simon.

“Simon has always thought James is a real talent but as soon as he heard the record he made up his mind to re-sign him.

“James has grown up a lot and realises he made mistakes in the past. Simon knows this.”

Arthur’s popularity plummeted after a homophobic rap was releasedHe failed to impress X Factor audiences with his apology, after releasing a ‘diss rap’ to an unknown troll on Twitter – which used anti-gay language.

In 2014  Simon Cowell hit out at Arthur saying he should have just shut up and he was dropped from the Syco label – which homes only the most coveted of X Factor stars.

A few weeks later the former X Factor winner was owned by Paul Potts, after he chastised his PR people for promoting him in the wrong way.

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