We like a bit of ruff, but we also like a bit of posh – so we decided to take a closer look at the males of Made In Chelsea – and we called it Male In Chelsea – see what we did there?

Not everything can be doom and gloom in gay media – which is why we’ve dedicated this page to the yumminess of the Males Of Chelsea.

We’ve done some deep research to bring you these hot mens…


Freddie is ours. Hands off. So apparently his mum used to be super model and his dad was in the hotel business. If only he were gay so he could sweep us our feet and whisk us away to some far flung destination for a free hotel stay…

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Mark Francis

Mark Francis looks so posh that just one moment of looking into those deep brown eyes will probably turn you into an aristocrat. Probably not.


Apparently Phoebe’s Ex. Blah.

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Proudlock wears Timmy Mallet glasses and has a perchant for silken shirts. Want him? He’s also got a cool earing which we may or may not want to nibble. Probably.


He’s either thinking ‘who made that smell’ or ‘hug me till I stop crying.’ Spencer we will hug you. Always mon cher.
There you have another incredible waste of 5 minutes of your time… Ta da.
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