LOVELITE’S LIPOGLAZE is a revolutionary non-invasive fat-reduction procedure that is new to the UK, although it has been around in the US for several years.

The procedure gently heats up and then cryogenically freezes stubborn fatty deposits, permanently destroying the fat cells. The body then naturally eliminates this waste tissue over the next few weeks. They claim to remove around 26% of fat cells in the specified region per treatment.

Lipoglaze can be taken as a single session or, if there are several problem areas, can be conducted as a set of treatments, although LoveLite recommends keeping sessions at least a week apart to give the body time to metabolise the dead fat cells.

Lipoglaze is approved by the FDA and studies have shown it to be not only more advanced than liposuction, but also better than radio frequency and ultrasounds for removing stubborn fat deposits that patients find they can’t shift even with a good diet and exercise.

LoveLite’s Lipoglaze has been endorsed by various celebrities, including the stars of The Only Way Is Essex, Made In Chelsea, The Apprentice and The Bachelor, as well as the glamorous WAG Lizzie Cundy, model Nicola McLean and Blue’s Antony Costa.

But is it actually any good? I decided to pop along to try out this treatment and find out why so many people are now turning to non-surgical methods of fat loss.

The clinic is located in a converted townhouse on Harley Street, and is clean and comfortable, sharing an entrance and waiting room with The London Clinic.

Jourdan, the therapist I saw, is warm and well-spoken, and able to answer any questions with a reassuring professionalism and courtesy. My only constructive feedback for her is that she asked me to sign the consent form before explaining the procedure, whereas it really should be the other way round. She explained there may be some discomfort during the procedure and the possibility of bruising afterwards, but put me thoroughly at ease.

The area undergoing treatment is pulled into a machine, which feels very tight and a little uncomfortable, although not terrible. This discomfort eases slightly after a few minutes, although the tightness remains throughout the procedure.

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After around an hour, the machine is removed and I am left with a strange feeling and a bizarrely rectangular bruise on my stomach. As the procedure is non-surgical, I was able to leave immediately, and took myself off to John Lewis for a (very healthy) scone with jam and cream!

A week later, and the redness has completely vanished, although only just. Other than the bruising, there have been no side effects to this treatment as yet, and I am fairly certain none are likely to turn up now.

Results are starting to show already, but only minimal and extremely localised. The bruised area was a little tender for a day or two but not painful, and it soon calmed down.

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Please stay tuned for further updates once the results have had more time to develop.

Lipoglaze is available at the LoveLite UK clinic, 144 Harley Street, London W1G 7LE. Further details, including booking instructions, are at or call on 0845 505 0805. Treatments cost £600-£1000 depending on treatment area and size.

Visit them online at

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