A man accused of being gay has been executed by ISIS in Aleppo.

** Warning this article contains imagery that may offend or disturb some readers.**




A man has been thrown to his death and then stoned in the streets of Aleppo after ISIS (Islamic State) accused him and found him guilty on charges of homosexuality. ISIS follow an interpretation of Sharia law, which forbids homosexuality and finds that it is a crime with a death penalty. ISIS hand out harsh sentences for men who are found guilty of having same-sex relationships and often throw them to their deaths from tall buildings in front of huge crowds.

Photos released by the terrorist organisation show a man, dressed in black, blindfolded being thrown off a tall building in the Syrian city of Aleppo. It’s not known whether the man survived the fall, but pictures show that the man was then stoned by members of the crowd that witnessed the execution.


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Hundreds of people stood and watched as the man plunged to the street below. A number of the crowd are then seen to hurling rocks at the lifeless body of the man.

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In the past, we have reported that ISIS have killed another of men accused of homosexuality, but this is the first reported execution of man in Aleppo.

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