Out fashion designer, Marc Jacobs has accidentally flashed his penis and bum to the world via Instagram.

Whoops. The fashion designer uploaded a picture of his ass and butt to his 197,000 followers on Instagram before swiftly removing it. The picture was accompanied with the message, “Yours to try…”
The picture, which is now doing the rounds, was quickly removed, but not before lightening quick responses of his fan base, some of whom screen grabbed it and shared it on Gawker. Because the picture is just a torso (and bum and penis) Gawker verified the picture by pointing out that Jacobs was wearing the same ring and holding the same picture has another selfie on Jacob’s timeline.
You can see the uncut version, although (judging by the selfie, Mr Jacobs is indeed cut…) version over at Gawker
Just days before the upload Marc had complained on Instagram that he was “always a bridesmaid never a bride”, so perhaps this is mating call? Word to the wise, this is what Grindr is for…
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