With just one week till the Big Brother Final, tonight’s show saw a surprise double eviction with two Housemates leaving the Big Brother House.

Mark became the 11th Housemate to be evicted, leaving to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Mark told Emma, ‘I had such an amazing experience for the most part…there are people in there who would be better finalists…Nothing went wrong for me…it was just a brilliant summer’

Emma asks about the pact to split the money, which caused some arguments in the House, and he agrees it was a bad decision. When asked why he didn’t share his reasons to the Housemates, Mark admitted ‘I just thought I was defusing the situation a little bit by not giving a million and one reasons…I didn’t tell everybody my entire thought process…If me and Ash did the same, we’d have got it in the neck too’

Emma then moves the conversation on to Christopher and asks if Mark was jealous when he defended Chris. Mark says that Chris ‘just sat back and let Christopher fight his battle for him…I think I was a little bit jealous’

Emma then shows Mark some highlights of his relationship with Christopher. After seeing some of their many arguments, Mark says he doesn’t know when it started to slip but suggests that it was when Christopher didn’t defend him during the Strongest Housemate task.

When asked if he thinks they have a future, Mark said ‘I was starting to trust him and open up…me and Christopher have a lot in common but we argue too much…I’m not going to write him off now’ before adding that he’s taken advice from his friends in the House.

Mark admits that things changed for him when the three new Housemates came in and that he didn’t think he could compete with them, ‘It was then that I lost faith in myself’

Emma asks about one of his best friends in the House, Helen who he describes as being ‘tough…but she has a massive heart…she’s an amazing person…I’d be more than happy if she won’

On the divide in the House, Emma suggests that it will be more evident now he’s gone and Mark admits, ‘It’s going to be weird…it’s going to be a tough week’

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Emma then reveals that it’s a double eviction and Mark jokes, ‘I’m a bit gutted…I was looking forward to a night by myself!’

The shock 12th Housemate to be evicted, causing shockwaves around the House, is Winston who leaves to loud cheers from the crowd.

Emma tells Winston that everyone was shocked and he admits that he’s ‘a little bit shocked…I am a bit gutted…I’d have loved to make the final’ Emma asks why he thinks he was evicted and he wonders if it could have been to do with breaking out of the House yesterday.

When asked about Ash, Mark and Chris’ decision to take the money, Winston tells Emma he was “disappointed” with Chris for breaking the pact. Emma explains that Mark also had a thought process. Winston says that he would still be friends with Chris but admits he didn’t “have the balls” to speak up to people.

Emma observes that he didn’t get into many arguments in the House and asks how he decided to get involved. Winston said ‘If I felt in my gut it was wrong’ he would speak up.

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Winston is then shown a montage of his “romance” in the House…with Ash! “He’s just a laid back guy…we’ve got so much in common…he’s the best guy…I’d introduce him to my sister, and I wouldn’t introduce anyone to my sister!”

When quizzed about some of the other romances in the House, Winston admits that he would like to meet up with Tamara again. He admits that there was never going to be a relationship with Danielle and that Biannca was “fun” but a bit full on.

At the end of the show, Winston reveals “It’s been the best time of my life” before Emma tells him that all the Housemates are convinced it’s a fake eviction.

Join Emma next Friday for the Big Brother 2014 Final

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