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  • Ofcom Will Not Investigate Channel 5 Over Winston McKenzie’s “Homophobic” Remarks

    Ofcom has announced that it won’t investigate remarks made by Winston McKenzie in this series of Celebrity Big Brother even though it has received nearly 400 official complaints. The media watchdog Ofcom has said it won’t be investigating Channel 5 after it broadcast the “homophobic” and bigoted views by London Mayoral hopeful Winston McKenzie. When questioned […]

  • CELEBRITY BIG BROTHER’S Most Shocking Homophobic Moments

    Celebrity Big Brother has had some clangers when it comes to homophobic moments. Here are Celebrity Big Brother’s most shocking homophobic moments. Winston McKenzie BACK TO THE WALLS. McKenzie hadn’t even stepped foot inside the house before he uttered a sentence that had fans of the show slamming his homophobia. He said he could cope […]

  • Winston McKenzie Booted From Celebrity Big Brother

    Wannabe London Mayor Winston McKenzie has been voted out of Celebrity Big Brother. Winston McKenzie has been evicted from the CBB house bringing an end to one of the most controversial starts to a Celebrity Big Brother series. Even before he had stepped foot into the UK’s most famous house, he had upset thousands of […]

  • COMMENT: So who is the UK’s new “Homophobe” in chief Winston McKenzie ?

    A couple of days ago we reported on the controversy caused by Winston McKenzie entering the Celebrity Big Brother house. In a first for the bi-annual series shown on Channel 5 during August and January now in its 11th series there were 165 complaints to Ofcom before a housemate had even entered the house. This […]

  • ANGIE BOWIE: Winston McKenzie Can Suck My Big One

    A homophobic storm has hit the Big Brother house after Winston McKenzie tries to explain his beliefs about gay couples adopting children. An explosive feud between Angie Bowie and controversial politician and London Mayor wannabe Winston McKenzie is brewing after McKenzie tried to explain his belief that adoption of children by gay couples is akin […]

  • Winston McKenzie “Homophobia” Sparks 350 Complaints To Ofcom

    Winston McKenzie’s anti-gay slur has racked up over 350 complaints. Over 350 complaints have been formally lodged to Ofcom after Channel 5 broadcast an anti-gay jibe by London Mayoral hopeful and ex-UKIP politician Winston McKenzie. Winston McKenzie entered the Big Brother house on Tuesday night to a wave of boos after revealing that he would […]

  • Katie Hopkins Gets It Right About Winston McKenzie

    Outspoken former housemate Katie Hopkins has slammed Winston McKenzie after his homophobic comments upon entering the Celebrity Big Brother house, Taking to Twitter controversial Katie Hopkins said, “An ex-UKIP homophobe. Ladies and Gentleman, the barrel has been scraped. #CBB As thick as he is deaf” Winston McKenzie entered the Big Brother house to a wave […]

  • Winston McKenzie Enters The Big Brother House With “Homophobic” Comment

    Winston McKenzie has entered the Big Brother house to a wave of boos after revealing that he would have to keep his back to the wall if there were any gay people in the house. The Mayor Of London hopeful, ex UKIPPER and ex-boxer Winston McKenzie shocked fans of Celebrity Big Brother after he revealed […]

  • Mark And Winston Become The Latest Housemates To Be Evicted From BBUK

    With just one week till the Big Brother Final, tonight’s show saw a surprise double eviction with two Housemates leaving the Big Brother House. Mark became the 11th Housemate to be evicted, leaving to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Mark told Emma, ‘I had such an amazing experience for the most part…there are people […]