And replaced by the previous marketing manager, Josh Rivers.

Massive changes are afoot at the UK’s oldest gay magazine Gay Times. Both the Editor and Deputy Editor have been replaced by newbie editor, Josh Rivers, who was previously the magazine’s marketing manager. He is also the co-founder of Series Q, a network for mentorship, support and empowering LGBT entrepreneurs.


The magazine is due to be relaunched for its next issue with a complete overhaul – which will see an “a shift in content to build a relevant journal that will inspire the modern man”.  A statement from Gay Times also notes that Josh us the ” first gay man of colour to lead a major UK gay publication”.

The shake-up follows on from the magazine’s purchase by the new owner, James Frost, from Millivres Prowler.

This is the second time that Gay Times has rebranded in as many years. The first came in 2015 when the magazine changed its name from GT to Gay Times.


Speaking about the forthcoming changes the company’s CEO, Mr Frost said, “Since we met in 2016, I’ve been very impressed with Josh’s passion, enthusiasm and dedication to serving the LGBT+ community. It’s Josh’s consistently inclusive and expansive view of our community, and his fresh ideas and enthusiasm that make him the perfect person to lead Gay Times. I am thrilled he’s accepted the challenge; we share the belief that contemporary men are looking for something more from LGBT+ media, and together with the team at Visual Talent, we are going to deliver exactly that!”

Taking to Twitter, Darren Scott, tweeted the cover of his final issue, saying, “A true labour of love, this is my 107th and final issue of Gay Times”.


Ryan Butcher added, “Hello yes hi quick announcement but after four years and 50 issues I have decided to step away from Gay Times and Gay Media in general”.

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Taking to Twitter, the new editor of Gay Times, Josh wrote,


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