Lord Cashman has branded the UK’s Prime Minister, Boris Johnson as unimpressive amidst the Dominic Cummings controversy.

The former Eastender‘s actor and co-founder of the LGBT charity, Stonewall, has slammed the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson as “unimpressive” and like “tissue paper but without the depth”.

Tweeting directly to Johnson, Cashman said that when he met the PM he was “so unimpressive”.


The Tweet, which was sent from Lord Cashman’s official account, has been retweeted hundreds of times and garnered over 1.3K likes.

Human Rights’ advocate Peter Tatchell replied “Well said Michael”

How would you rate Boris Johnson's handling of the Covid-19 pandemic


The comment comes after a highly turbulent few days at Downing Street, where Johnson’s top advisor, Dominic Cummings faced questions about his movements and decision making during the coronavirus lockdown.

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Sliding public support

According to some polls, Johnson’s approval rating has taken a battering over recent days. The Independent reports that Johnson’s rating “plunged by 20 points in four days”

Johnson’s approval peaked at 47 per cent on the 8th April, when he went to intensive care after he was infected by Coronavirus. However, since his return to work, approval from the general public has slid on a downward trajectory. On the 25th May, it was at -1 per cent according to the poll by Savanta.

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Calls for Cummings to be fired

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Lord Cashman has also called for Dominic Cummings to be sacked from his position within the Government – and shared a Change.org petition, which has nearly gathered 1 million signatures.

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