Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage has blasted her haters by saying that stupidity can not be argued with.

Michelle Visage

Speaking to THEGAYUK.com ahead of her Christmas Queen‘s tour in the UK, Michelle Visage revealed the real reason she famously blocks all hate on her social media timelines.

The outspoken LGBT ally told us,

“Here’s the thing, and I learned it from Ru, you can’t reason with stupidity. Stupidity is just stupidity. You can be as negative as you want.

“Why would I waste my great, beautiful, zen, happy energy trying to convince you? Absolutely not.”


Michelle who has been blasted on social media for her sometimes harsh constructive criticism of contestants on RuPaul’s Drag Race said that she pays the haters no mind and she doesn’t want to validate the hate by giving it any time.

She continued,

“There’s absolutely no need in trying to validate hate.

“Me giving my energy to that hateful energy is completely giving away my power. I need my power for good, not evil.”

Too right!


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