Michelle Visage Puts Azealia Banks On Blast For Using The F Word

Michelle Visage has put controversial rapper Azealia Banks on blast for her use of the F word.

Azealia Banks, who is known to take to social media to call gay men faggots has been blasted by Drag Race star Michelle Visage who said the rapper needed to check her attitude and stop using the word.


Speaking to THEGAYUK in the latest issue, Visage said,

“All of my gay friends call each other the ‘F’ word.

“I don’t, and she being a female shouldn’t. It’s wrong and it’s offensive.

“If she were a gay man and said it with the same venom it would still be offensive.”

She added,

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“I wish her well but I don’t know what she’s doing with that attitude.”

Banks is well known for her homophobic language towards gay men and most notably Perez Hilton and often defended her choice of words

In tweets she sent last year she claimed that gay men needed to “check” themselves, saying,

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‘Gay men be saying the most misogynist sh*t, but as soon as you call them a f*ggot they wanna get upset.

‘Somebody gotta check these f*ggots man. I don’t give a f*ck!! NO MAN Is going challenge my femininity. It’s not happening.

‘Gay men can call you a bitch, and talk about YA hair and YA nails, but as soon as you call them a f*ggot, all sh*t breaks loose’


Recently Banks hurled homophobic abuse at a Delta flight attendant after he stepped into end a scuffle between the rapper and other passengers.

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