Janet Devlin

Former X FACTOR star Janet Devlin has criticised the amount of exposure that bisexuality gets in mainstream media.

Speaking exclusively to THEGAYUK former X FACTOR star Janet Devlin, who is currently promoting her Christmas EP, December Daze, has spoken out about the lack of bisexual visibility in mainstream media.

The singer, from Northern Ireland, who came out on ASK.fm in 2013 as bisexual, said,

“If you look at the media there’s no such thing as someone who’s bisexual, because it’s very black or white, you’re either gay or your straight.”


She went on to joke,

“What’s the difference between a unicorn and a bisexual? One of them is actually portrayed in the media.”

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Speaking about her brand new EP, Janet said,

“I’m actually really excited this year, I’m not going to lie. Probably the most excited I’ve been about Christmas since I was a toddler.
“The whole point of me making the EP was to try and make myself like Christmas, so I definitely think I’ve achieved that. Every other year I’ve been so grinchy about it, this year. I’m just so pumped about it.”

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