In the latest edition of TheGayUK magazine, controversial figure, Nathan Thursfield, 20 from Stoke On Trent, dubbed the Man Who Wants To Look Like Katie Price who has already spent a reported £50,000 on surgeries and cosmetic procedures, tells us why it’s time for Rylan Clark to move over…

In his exclusive feature, Nathan said about former X FACTOR star turned CBB presenter Rylan Clark:

“Move over… I’m coming through, to be honest, he’s all right but I don’t think he’s nice looking at all. He just doesn’t look anything like her to be honest. People say he does, but I don’t know. I don’t think he does.”


Speaking about his decision not to go through with gender reassignment surgery, the heavily indebted Nathan said:

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“I think I watched something on TV, I think it was on This Morning and this guy had a sex change and I was like, ‘no!’ That seems dead scary. You just don’t know. That’s just like a massive shock. I always say to my fella, ‘would you like me with big boobs?’ and he’s like, ‘no if you have a sex change I’d leave you.’ I think I’d look better as a woman to be honest.”


The full interview can be found in the latest issue download on Apple or on Android