With over 4115 individual donations and a massive 62,000 social shares, Pizza4Equality, a campaign with aims to raise money for homeless LGBT youth has raised an incredible $155,000.

The campaign was started initially as a counter to a fundraiser for a pizza parlour, Memories Pizza,  in Indiana that said it would discriminate against a gay couple. After national press exposure, the owners went on to receive in excess of $800,000 in donations to keep their business afloat.

All proceeds of the Pizza4Equality fund will go to Cyndi Lauper’s True Colors Foundation, an organisation dedicated to helping LGBT Youth on the streets.


A user on the crowd funding site, Christa Sheehan, wrote:

I see this campaign’s a flop! So much for outshowing Memories Pizza! LOL #praiseHim”

However the fund’s creator, Scott Wooledge countered,

“But we’ve raise $155,000 to help LGBTQ homeless youth! So how can that be a ‘flop?’ We at #Pizza4Equality are super-proud and you should be too! Thank you!”

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The fund is collecting until the 29th April, the first national #40ToNoneDay – a day set up by the True Colors foundation to end LGBT youth homelessness.

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