MP Chris Bryant Hailed the Diversity Role Model Charity As Unambiguously Brilliant, but warns there is still much to do to stop LGBT acceptance from going in the wrong direction.

Out Labour MP Chris Bryant has, today, championed the Diversity Role Model (DRM) scheme, which sees volunteer LGBT spokespeople go into schools across the UK to talk about their experiences of growing up as gay, lesbian, bi or trans, as “Unambiguously Brilliant” and something to “jump up and shout about.”

Speaking about how necessary the role of the charity plays, Byrant said, that although life in this country had changed towards LGBT people and perceptions surrounding LGBT issues had progressed, much “more work needed to be done” and there was cross party support for the project.


Despite the progress that has been made to be more inclusive in Britain the MP warned,

“There is a phenomenal amount of work still to do to protect the gains we’ve made. After all, the most liberal place in the 20th century in Europe was Germany in the late 20s and then it went in the wrong direction in the 1930s.

“So we have to protect the gains we’ve made, but there are still too many young people who leave school frightened to express their sexuality, terrified to tell their parents or their family or their best friends that they are gay or lesbian.”

Diversity Role Models (DRM) was established in 2011 to tackle homophobic, biphobic and transphobic bullying in UK schools with the aim that all children and young people would be able to learn safely at school without fear of bullying.

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In its first three years, DRM reached over 13,000 young people in 78 schools and trained 136 volunteer role models.

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