Episode Guide and Music Tracks For Ja’mie Private School Girl – Episode 1

Episode 1


Ja’mie is in the last few months of her schooling at Hillford Girls Grammar. As school captain, she and her prefects perform a dance at assembly to honour some elderly Hillford Girls alumni who are visiting as part of centenary celebrations however they are reprimanded by Mr Hayes for the risque dance moves and the fact their bras are showing. Ja’mie reveals that she has ditched her friend Brianna (previously seen in We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High, as she has gotten fat. Ja’mie now has a new group of friends who she describes as all being ‘kitsch’, a word she made up, meaning hotter than hot. Ja’mie also reveals that she is still working in the community, visiting the African refugees and reading to her Ugandan friend Kwami over Skype. She believes herself to be the ideal Hillford Girl and the girls discuss the erecting of a statue of the year’s Hillford Medal winner all believing that Ja’mie will obviously win. Later at the bus stop in front of Kelton Boys Grammar, Cody, Ja’mie’s gay BFF, informs her of the arrival of Mitchell, a hot rugby scholarship student in year 10 of whom Ja’mie immediately becomes infatuated with. She drives home with her mother and sister, almost crashing the car due to arguing with her sister and mother whilst texting. At home Ja’mie and her friends manage to persuade Ja’mie’s father to agree to let Ja’mie throw a party so she can invite Mitchell and get to know him.



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