No Justin Bieber Peen Pictures – Just Yet

5th March 2014 0 By News Desk

Yes the internet has been a tiz today as pictures of Justin’s nips and tattoos spread like wildfire, but you won’t be seeing any of Justin’s penis when Miami’s best releases footage of Bieb’s urine test.

No doubt this news will bring tears to many, but Justin’s willy is to be ‘redacted’ in order to protect Justin’s dignity. However, we’ve put a call out for his dignity and nobody could find it.

Last year a little taster of a naked Justin shook our world, when he played a prank of his gran, and we fully expect there to be a sex tape or leaked sext very soon!

Justin was arrested in January for drag racing his Lamborghini whilst under the influence of Xanax and marijuana.

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Video of his stay at Miami’s leisure will be released to the media, but his lawyers are arguing that his peen being show to all and sundry is “inappropriate.”