According to polls and surveys America has never been readier for gay marriage, gay sportsmen – just plain gayness, that is until they kiss.

Huffington Post has revealed stats that show 47% of Americans thought that EPSN broadcasting the now famous kiss between Michael Sam and his boyfriend Vito Cammisano was inappropriate, even though players kissing their girlfriends and wives is commonplace.

Up to 20% of people polled would disapprove of their sports team hiring an openly gay player.

Michael Sam made history last week when he became the first openly gay footballer to be drafted into the NFL.

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The article at Huffington Post goes onto explain:


“Americans under age 30 had no problem with coverage of the kiss, by a 55 percent to 29 percent margin. Those between ages 30 and 44 were evenly divided: 40 percent said it was appropriate; 39 percent said it was inappropriate. And a majority of older Americans said it was inappropriate, including 52 percent of those between ages 45 and 64, and 69 percent of those 65 and older”.