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Shocking statistics from a flash poll undertaken by THEGAYUK has shown that they have concerns about travelling to the US after the results of the presidential election.

A Trump presidency could cause troubles for the LGBT tourism industry in the US after a flash poll undertaken by THEGAYUK on Twitter showed that 69 per cent of potential LGBT holiday-makers have concerns travelling to the US after the election of Donald Trump as the country’s President-elect.

A further 15 percent who responded said that they were unsure whether the election’s result would make them less safe, while 16 percent said that it made no difference to their opinion on travelling to the States.


Donald Trump was made President-elect after a historic vote on the 9th November 2016.

When we asked our Facebook followers, “Do you think travel to America as someone LGBT will change under President Trump and VP Pence?” we received a mixed response.

Scott said,

“For at least the next 3 months or so racial and other tensions are far too high. Unless you’re heading to California or possibly New York I’d stay away for a while.”


While Johnathan said,

“That’s a tough one… I can’t see Trump making laws that says all LGBT people must be round up and imprisoned, so the odds of his government affecting my holiday is quite slim.

On the other hand though, if you’re visiting small towns in America then I would question how safe I felt against the gun wielding public. However, I don’t think an election can turn someone homophobic. You’re either already pro gay so would be happy to see me pre or post Trump, or you’ve just always been a c**t.”

While Anthony pointed out,

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No. Why would it? I very much doubt he is going to roll back LBGT rights. He’s not that stupid.

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