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Amy Lamé is under pressure to put her political leanings to one side after a number of Tweets she sent before her appointment as London’s “Night Tzar” criticise Tory politicians.

George Osborne
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Earlier this month the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan appointed Amy Lamé as a figurehead in supporting London’s 24-hour economy. However, she has come under pressure to put her politics to one side after a number of offensive Tweets to numerous Tory politicians were unearthed.

Leaders of Conservative-run boroughs in London are calling on Amy Lamé to show bipartisanship after she described Conservative MSP Ruth Davidson as ” Tory scum” during the Stonewall Awards, and called former Chancellor, George Osbourne a “c**t”.

Amy Lame and Ruth Davidson
CREDIT: Twitter

In a Tweet sent in 2015, Amy said,

“I could say that @George_Osborne is a c***. but he has neither the warmth not the depth. #tampontax”

In a letter to Amy, leaders of six boroughs, Westminster, Wandsworth, Bexley, Kensington & Chelsea, Hillingdon and Kingston councils, which are all Conservative-led, pointed out that the new Night Czar had made her political leanings “very clear”.


They wrote:

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“We are therefore writing to seek reassurance that you will approach your important new role in a bipartisan way and work constructively with Conservative councils.

“We ask that you put your political bias to one side and set out how you will work with all councils to promote and protect Greater London’s night time economy.”

According to the Evening Standard, a City Hall spokesman said,

“We are confident that Amy will have an excellent relationship with councillors from all political parties.”

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