A brand new firm has launched last week with the intention of investing customers’ money into pro-LGBT+ companies and countries.

Most people are totally unaware that they could be unknowingly propping up anti-gay governments, companies or organisations when they invest their pensions and investment portfolios into an investment management company. Most investors have no idea where their hard earned cash could be going when they employ the services of an investment firm for a good return.


Equality Capital launched last week to ensure that their customers’ money is invested into ethical organisations that are paving the way for LGBT equality across the world.

Using a six key criteria formula the British firm, headed up by Managing Partner, Charlie Nicholls, will invest in opportunities that make positive differences to gay, lesbian, bisexual and trans peoples’ lives.

Charlie Nicholls said,

“We aim to create a like-minded community of investors who care about LGBT positive rights and equality. Our social commitment doesn’t hinder our ability to earn attractive returns for our clients, in fact it improves them as there are many opportunities in LGBT friendly markets.”


The Equality Capital site went live on Wednesday 8 March 2017. Equality Capital will act as Financial Advisors and Discretionary Investment Managers, but can also work with existing Financial Advisors in an intermediary role – meaning clients moving over to the service can keep their existing advisors if they wish.

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